Friday, June 21, 2013

{What If} Stew... to brown or not to brown

June was our experimentation night. We prepared lamb stew two ways to see if browning the meat does make for a better stew. We used the lamb recipe below, browning one and just dumping all the ingredients in for the other, and baked both pots in the over for quite a few hours... Ok we admit, we were having such a good time by then we forgot to check them when we should have. So after 4 hours in the over we tested both stews and the non-browned one was the best. It didn't taste tough like I thought it might, the meat pulled apart beautifully. The browned stew was possibly a tad overdone but I still think the other would have been better anyone.

Following this we shared a delicious dinner for dip and cheese followed by braised octopus.

Finally we enjoyed  hot chocolate taste test. Kasia brought along a range of hot chocolate brands and we tried them all. Lindt chocolate flake hot chocolate and Vittoria's Chocochino were our favourite.

Lamb Stew with Red Wine and Anchovies

Fresh Pea and Lime Hummus

Braised Octopus

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