Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pasta, pasta and still more pasta!

The roads were wet, the air was cold, but the atmosphere was very warm and welcoming as we prepared to cook and eat at the second instalment of FEAST! The theme for the evening was pasta.  After some chatting and nibbles, the pasta making began.
From this... this!

We decided to make three different types of pasta - tortellini, ravioli and fettuccine.  The tortellini was filled with a pork and veal filling, the ravioli with baby spinach and ricotta, and the fettuccine was served with a lovely beef ragout.

Pork and veal (and garlic and pecorino and parsley and and and...)tortellini

Many hands make light work
Well, so much chatting and eating, and not a lot of discussing the next FEAST. So, keep your ears open, you will be sure to hear something soon!  I will post the pasta filling recipes shortly.

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